This past weekend, I attended the Motivated Moms Retreat in Dallas, Texas. It is a women’s conference that Latoyia Davis organizes that inspires and encourages women to pursue their passions, and take some time to relax, and connect with each other.

So, I grabbed one of my closest friends, and we headed to the retreat for an amazing weekend away.The conference was hosted at a beautiful Hilton hotel, with a beautiful view of the water. When you walked in, you immediately felt zen and ready to relax.

motivated mom retreat

motivated mom retreat

It was full of dynamic sessions, panels, pampering, and delicious food. The speakers were amazing. We enjoyed listening to everyone from vice presidents of companies to Magic Johnson’s wife; Cookie. They all inspired us in business, in our faith, in our motherhood journey, and to reach for the stars.

Motivated Mom Retreat

 Motivated Mom Retreat

Motivated Mom Retreat

It was so amazing, and inspirational and I learned countless lessons throughout the weekend, but here are my top 3:

To let go of balance.

Many of us mom’s are constantly trying to balance family, marriage, friends, work, and the list goes on. Multiple speakers encouraged us to let go of this desire for balance. It keeps us always feeling let down, and discouraged because it is unattainable. I was encouraged to prioritize my life, and to enjoy my kids when they are little. This also means sometimes those “dreams” may not be for the current season you are in, but how important it is to prioritize.

I have definitely struggled with trying to do an amazing job at everything, and even though that drive can be a positive thing, the guilt and self-doubt that comes along with that is not. I realized that I am only willing to give so much of my time to my business because, staying home with my kids is very important to me.

One of the speakers encouraged me to get seriously about having a “hustle shift,” and hours that are dedicated to growing my blog and social media business. Also, having a time every day that is dedicated to my kids without a phone in sight.

Another speaker encouraged me to schedule everything out. To even add working out, and down time for myself to my calendar. This is so helpful for me because, with all of my intentions, if it’s not scheduled out I will get sidetracked, and not accomplish the things I want to do in a given day that are good for me rather than just hustling the entire day.

Relationships are everything.

I made so many amazing relationships, with so many women from all over the world, and in various walks of life. This is one of the main reasons this weekend gave me life. Everyone was so encouraging, kind, and friendly. Everyone was looking to make relationships, genuine connections, and not to get something in return, but just to encourage each other.

Motivated Mom Retreat

Yes, I met lots of women doing amazing things, reaching their goals, and great connections that will help me grow my business, but more than that I truly liked them all, and wanted to grow in friendship with them. I loved that the conference schedule had a good amount of down time as well as things for us to do, and ways for us to learn.

We enjoyed everything from a pajama night to a special night where we were able to dress up, and get pretty.

Motivated Mom Retreat

Motivated Mom Retreat

I had tons of conversations with some great women, and our last night a large group of us stayed up, and laughed until we cried well into the night.  This was what I needed, and truly blessed my soul.

My goals are truly attainable.

Motivated Mom Retreat

Sometimes we are scared to even dream, and discover what our passions are because they feel so far fetched, and they seem impossible to reach. This is just not true. At this conference, I met woman after woman who had every possible obstacle in their way. The barriers and hardships they have faced are heartbreaking, but they were determined to push through each and every one, and believe in themselves enough to make their dreams a reality.

This blog has been that for me. Making a full time income from blogging, felt like a needle in a haystack. It didn’t feel like it was possible, to work with companies like Disney, to get fully sponsored trips for my family to Vail, Colorado, and increase our household income by so much. Even though I had doubt, I knew that if I learned enough about the business, and really put my whole heart into it, I could do it.  And seriously, if I can do it truly anyone can.

The only difference I think there is between these women who are doing all of these things, and the ones that only dream about it, but never take that first step is determination and commitment. These women were determined, and did not let fear rule their decisions. This spoke volumes to me, and the things I hope to do with this blog, and my social media influence in the future.

Again, I could go on and on about the amazing things I learned from this conference.  I left that conference feeling like I really poured into myself in every way. I left full of energy, inspiration, encouragement, rested, and relaxed. Ready to go back to my family, and building my business.

So, make sure you do not miss the next Motivated Mom Retreat! LaToyia Dennis does an amazing job, and you will have the time of your life!

motivated mom retreat


A special thanks to the team that put the Motivated Moms Conference together, and for sponsoring my time at the conference.


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