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Let’s be honest, many kids do not love Math. Many kids struggle with Math. Yet, as parents, we know something…if our kids excel in math, they have countless opportunities for great careers in adulthood.

We have made math a priority in our home. As a family, we found ways to constantly practice and push our kids to the next level in our home. I was really excited when I heard about Revolution Math and the services they offer.

Help My Kids Excel in Math

Revolution Math is an interactive learning activity that combines live tutoring with an immersive, story-based curriculum. Just for 1 hour a week, your kids can login to an interactive classroom with a few other students and a tutor. They will have an exciting, engaging lesson where they can constantly interact with their peers and tutor. It is so much fun! Your kids truly will forget they are learning.

This program creates a fun learning atmosphere with great activities that helps your child see math differently. My kids used to think math was boring, and too much work. Revolution Math changes all of that. I’ve even found them excited for their next lesson.

My boys are learning challenging concepts in a fun environment, so they are mastering concepts they struggled with in the past.

The best part is the convenience of this online program. I simply join the class of my choosing for the week, and set it up for my son to join and enjoy.

You will even receive a complimentary kit to go along with your lessons that include: dice, pencil, protractor, graph paper, area tiles, flash cards, character masks, and a poster. My son was so excited to receive this!

Revolution Math

Another really cool part of Revolution Math, your kids earn prizes they can claim in the real world. There are a variety of toys and gifts they can work up to! My son is working up to the Lego’s.

Revolution Math is more affordable and more engaging than any of it’s competition.

My child absolutely love this. My middle son even said that he couldn’t believe that hour went so fast and he couldn’t wait to do it again. The instructor was kind, engaging, and very encouraging.

Program that Helps My Kids Excel in Math

I love the time she took to break down the concepts and dig deeper into this thought process on how to complete the problem. He can’t wait to do it again next week.

Program that Helps My Kids Excel in Math

Math is a challenging subject, but it doesn’t have to be. If you feel like your child is struggling, or just needs some extra practice to really excel this is perfect for you.

For what we’ve gained from the many the services, Revolution Math is well worth the monthly fee.

FOR A LIMITED TIME , you can try this service for $1.00!!! Yep, that’s insane! I know your children will love it just as much as mine! Sign up here and use promo code Jehava1:

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So great that you found a way for them to excel in math!


Yes, they think they are just playing games!


I have always loved math. Who knew I’d have two children who would struggle so much with it. This looks like a wonderful resource.


Oh, it’s amazing!


I struggled with math all throughout school! This is such an awesome resource.


Yes, so helpful!


Games make learning so much more fun! I remember a (very old) computer game that helped me with math, too, it was the best!


Yes it really does!


Wow! I would have loved this when I was younger. Combining learning and games is genius + only one hour! Such a great idea.


Yes, best program ever!

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