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I have 3 boys.  One in middle school, one in elementary and now one headed to preschool.  As bittersweet as that is, there are some things I’ve learned that are helpful when getting your child ready to go to preschool.

Read books about school.

This helps your child get excited about school.  I go to the library and get a bunch of children’s books that focus on preschool. Once my kids would finish reading a book, they would be inspired and want a lunch box, book bag and to play with new friends.

They would be so inspired and excited about the little things that come with going to school.

Take them back to school shopping.

My kids love going to the store and grabbing new crayons, notebooks and supplies.  Also, I find that getting them new clothes helps them walk into school extra confident.  Carter’s clothing line at Kohl’s has everything I need to keep him stylish and comfortable.  I am obsessed with the styles Carter’s offers for kids.  I even let my little guy help pick out the colors and items he wants.

getting ready for preshool

He doesn’t have much of a preference at this point, but loves to have a say with pretty much anything at this age.

When the school year starts, I like to have some new summer looks as well as some for fall.  I love a mix of preppy and comfy.

getting toddler ready for preschool

ready for preschool

 getting child ready for preschool

Carter’s at Kohl’s has my little man looking like the most stylish kid on the block!

Hype it up A LOT!

Talk about it day and night leading up to the big event.  Get excited and discuss it throughout the day.  This is probably the most powerful tool to preparing your child to have a successful first day. Don’t wait to the last week before bringing it up.  The sooner you start to get them excited the better they will do overall.

These are some of the ways that I’m getting my toddler ready for preschool and I’ve seen them work in the past.  I hope you and your little one have a fun and successful year.

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getting child ready for preschool


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Oh, my goodness! They grow up so fast! 🙂 Great tips, and great pictures of your little one!


Your son is adorable! I love Carter’s clothes for my girls. I have only a few brands I buy for them and Carter’s is always at the top.


I love this! My kids will be starting preschool on Monday. I am so not ready!


I always looked forward to the first day of school! I love that you hype it up as an exciting event.


Great tips! It’s such a conundrum…you want them to grow up, but you don’t want them to leave. But you need them to be prepared. Good job.


ok so those toddler outfits are adorable!!!

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