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My kids were so excited last week when a package arrived on our doorstep from Babbleboxx. This was a kids themed package with 5 amazing items that I’m sure your kids will love as well.

Babbleboxx for kids

My middle son is really into animals so when he saw some of the themes with this package, I knew he was going to take over.

So, here are some of the awesome products that was in our package from Babbleboxx.

Babbleboxx for kids

Snazaroo™ Brush Pen

The Snazaroo™ Brush Pen is a face paint and a brush applicator. It’s available in 12 colors and is safe for sensitive skin. They are available in 5 different themed packs for just $9.99. You can purchase them starting on April 1 on Amazon.com.

The best part of these pens is that they have a twist action design so that the paint is delivered to the tip in controllable amounts. My son loves to have any type of animal painted on cheeks, and was inspired to transform into a dinosaur. Let’s just say that I’m glad these can easily be removed with just soap and water.

Babbleboxx for kids

Endless fun awaits our family with this fun pack of pens.  You can find out more about this awesome product at www.snazaroo.com.


Jane M. Rose Children’s Books: Dinosaurs Living in My Hair and Dinosaurs Living in My Hair 2

These books are so fun.  My kids love to read and there just isn’t anything quite like a new book.  My middle son loves dinosaurs so these books are great.  These books encourage kids to think outside the box and embrace their creative side.  I think these types of books are so encouraging when it comes to teaching your children about inclusion and bullying. The books are beautiful, and written in a way that kids will stay engaged.

Babbleboxx for kids

My son is really into art so he really enjoyed the engaging illustrations throughout the books. To check out these books, head to: www.dinosaurslivinginmyhair.com and use the code FREESHIP to get free shipping.


Jurassic World PEZ Dispensers: T-Rex, Blue the Raptor, and Dilophosaurus

I knew that this was going to be a big hit the moment I saw it.  I love these fun themed PEZ dispensers.  I remember having these as a kid,and it’s fun to see them continue to be an item that kids still love.

Along with the launch of these 3 Jurassic World PEZ Dispensers is a twin pack with the T-Rex and Blue the Raptor.

My son loves how much fun he can have with the dispensers.  His favorite is the T-Rex, because is there anything bigger or better?! He is trying his best to hide these goodies from his brothers. We will see how long that lasts.

To grab some of these for your little ones, check out: bit.ly/JurassicWorldPEZ

Sprout Crispy Chews

They are even better than they look.  We were able to try 2 flavors: Orange Fruit & Carrot and Red Fruit Beet & Berry. Grain Rice+Fruits+Vegetables in a snack your kids will love, I think this is every mom’s dream.  These plant powered snacks are perfect for all of my kids, youngest to oldest, and are made with a full serving of fruits and vegetables.

 Babbleboxx for Kids



These are delicious and have the perfect amount of sweetness. My kids love the Fruit Beet & Berry the most, but enjoy both flavors.

These are great to grab on the go when we are running to different events throughout the week.

To grab some for your kiddos, check out: http://www.sproutorganicfoods.com/toddlers#crispy-chews

Get 25% off your Crispy Chews on Amazon with the code: 25CRISPYCHEW

The final product we received in our Babbleboxx was :

Zenni Optical Kids Glasses

Zenni offers flexible glasses for kids and preteens that are perfect for the active child.  They have no hinges, no metal parts and an adjustable/ detachable strap.  To learn more about these kids’ glasses head to : https://youtu.be/fwD1EyV9ZV4






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I always order my twins’ glasses from Zenni. I suffered sticker-shock the last time I attempted to buy them the old fashioned way!


Oh that’s so great!


What a fun Babbleboxx. My kids love anything dinosaur so all this is a big hit. I want to know where the photo is of his face “decorated”? haha


LOL!! I was in clean up mode!


How fun! Those face paint pens are a really cool idea! I love getting subscription boxes!


Yes! you can check out all of the products separately!


This is the cutest thing!


This subscription box is so cool!!! I had never even heard of this one! My girls absolutely love animals as well so I know this would be a big hit with them. Definitely checking it out! 🙂

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