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I have been using Stitch Fix for the past few months, and I have to say that I am a BIG fan. If you are looking to step up your style, or just have a personalized stylist pick out some amazing items for your wardrobe, this is for you. So, let me explain how it works because that is the best part.

Stitch Fix is a personalized styling service where your personal stylist learns what styles you like, and sends you items you’ll love. You can easily sign up on their website, fill out a questionnaire, and one of the expert stylists will pick out clothes, bags, shoes, and accessories that will fit your style and budget. You can get designer brands or more affordable items. I tend to lean towards more budget-friendly items on a normal basis.

Every day you can log in, and do a simple survey showing a variety of pieces and styles each day. All you do is give each item a thumbs up or a thumbs down. This will help your stylist get to know your style better. This only takes me a few minutes, and it’s so fun to do.

A box of 5 items will be sent to your home the week you choose for your delivery. The box contains a variety of items, photos of outfit suggestions for each item, a bag for returns, and a price sheet of each item. If you keep all 5 items, then you get 25% off your entire purchase! Every box I have received, I literally loved ALL 5 items. They were right on point.

You can even choose what types of items you would like to get in your box, and how often. I get a few dresses here, and there, but mainly look for stylish pieces for my every day life. I mainly work from home, and run around with my kids all day so work attire wasn’t as much of a need as it may be for others.

You can then choose what you want to purchase, and send the rest back in the provided bag. Returns are FREE.  Another plus. You choose the items in your account that you want to keep or return online, and pay for only those items. Super easy.

I have been so impressed by the boxes that I have received from Stitch Fix. If you like your box, you can choose to keep the same stylist or choose another. You can send everything back or keep it all. I love getting new items, and wearing a variety of brands, and styles that everyone else doesn’t have. The quality is so much higher than the clothing I get in the stores. It’s my special delivery each month, but again you can change the frequency.

The two pairs of jeans I have purchased from Stitch fix are my favorite pair. The fit is perfect, and the quality is amazing. My sister and my friends have even jumped onto this, and loved the items they have received.

Stitch Fix Review Outfit

Stitch Fix Review Outfit

The best part is no subscription is required. You can schedule your Fix on demand, or set up a consistent schedule.  Whatever works best for your budget.

I definitely feel a lot more stylish since starting with Stitch Fix, and less tempted to shop when running errands. I rather have unique, and more stylish pieces presented to me.

Stitch Fix carries women’s, men’s, and kids clothing and accessories. So, this can really simplify shopping for an entire family. I absolutely love this service, and plan on being a customer for a long time. To learn more, check out their site HERE!

Lifestyle blogger, Onlygirl4boyz, shares a complete review of Stitch Fix. How she did with her own personal stylist. Check out the review!

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Ooh, those outfits are adorable. I keep meaning to try Stitch Fix – maybe this is the day I finally give it a shot!


So cute … love that striped top


I’ve been wanting to try Stitch Fix! That green dress is so pretty on you!


My mother in law does this and gets the cutest stuff. I have been so tempted and can’t afford it regularly.


These outfits are super cute! I love the green dress.


Thanks! I love their service!

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