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I literally want to cry when I think of having a teenager, but I love it too! My oldest is officially 15 this week, and as our time with him at home starts to grow slim, my husband and I want to make sure that we have taught him valuable lessons on how to take care of himself, and live well outside of our home. 

He is truly the sweetest, most respectful kid ever so I know he will do great, but here are 4 important things we are focusing on to help him practice self-care on a normal basis.

 1. Move your body every day. 

Our oldest loves basketball and has started doing daily workouts at home just to continue to challenge himself and stay active. We have shared with him how important it is to take care of his body through regular exercise and movement. Not everyone has this ability, so being grateful for our mobility and how it serves us is very important.

 2.Take a daily multivitamin. 

All of us take daily vitamins to make sure we are caring for our bodies well and providing it with the nutrients that it needs to help build a foundation for health and wellness. Our family loves  Alive! Multivitamins because they have something for every family member and age to support our bodies. From Men’s to Women’s, Kids and even Teens.

teen vitamins
lessons to teach teen

Alive® Teen Gummy  For Him is formulated specifically for teen boys. It provides him with 17 vitamins and minerals, including the full B-vitamin complex. It’s also made with pectin and no gelatin.

alive teen vitamins
self care lessons for teen

Most teens are on their phones for hours on end, and even though we have limitations for our son, it’s still great to have a multivitamin with Lutemax 2020 to help eyes shield and filter blue light from the sun, LED and digital devices*

He loves the taste and keeps them right by his bed so he can start the day by taking them each morning.

teen self care

3. Be intentional in your friendships. 

So much of our self-care is connected to relationships with others and spending time doing fun activities with them. When you are a teenager, those important and positive relationships are even more important. 

I always encourage my kids to take initiative to build and sustain friendships and teach them how relationships will aid in self-care on a regular basis.

4. Take care of your body. 

Boys don’t naturally want to shower or take care of their bodies to the level that girls do, at least not my boys! LOL 

But, over the years we have enforced the importance of keeping their bodies clean and taking care of them on a daily basis and now it is something that is part of their normal routine. 

For us this includes taking care of their skin, shaving, and getting their haircut on a regular basis. It all factors into taking good care of themselves and their bodies.

These tips are super simple, but so important for encouraging our teenager and our other two boys to practice self-care on a regular basis.


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