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It’s that time of year when we look for fun and unique Christmas gifts ideas for the children in our lives. I can honestly say there is NOTHING mine have loved more than LEGO sets. Since they were little, it’s been exciting to see their collection grow and the passion for LEGO sets passed down from one to another. I’m sharing 3 reasons why we love them for our kids!

Lego Sets for Christmas

1. Full Engagement for periods of time.

Every parent looks for toys to keep their children engaged and busy for a longer period of time. We love this about LEGO. It is something they enjoy independently, among themselves. The kids easily spend hours manipulating their bricks, creating a variety of builds from instructions or original MOCs (My Own Creations). 

The best part of this engagement…LEGO is a guilt-free toy. It challenges your kids to be creative, and doesn’t involve them staring at a screen! Love it! 

Building Legos

2.Takes Creativity to the next level.

As I mentioned earlier, we love that LEGO challenges our kids to use creative parts of their minds. They constantly look for ways to change-up their sets, using bricks from multiple sets and creating structures never before seen. 

After they are comfortable building from the instruction booklets, they definitely like taking things to the next level. I love encouraging this kind of play, and watching their young minds get moving

Some of the sets we enjoyed building recently were easily picked up at Target, and were perfect for my kids!

Building legos as a family

3.Perfect for Every Age.

My kids have all played with LEGO sets since they were younger. My oldest still does…even as a freshman in high school. I love that the wide variety of sets also graduate in intricacy, encouraging even better building. They are perfect for any interest, any gender, and any age. 

The sets come with clear age guideline suggestions, making it easier for parents to choose the perfect set for their child.

My oldest loves Star Wars. The Star Wars inspired sets have been his favorite, great for him! My husband even loves building and creating with the kids. Building with LEGO sets is great family time all around.

Building legos father and son

 My middle son loves the outdoors, and really enjoyed building the Snow Groomer. My youngest needed something pretty simple to make, and the boys love all the variety of LEGO sets that came in the brick box.

Family loves building Legos

If you’re looking for a great gift for Christmas, make sure you head to your local Target and check out all of the amazing variety of LEGO sets!

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I am proud to say that after so many years, I am now 30 years old, I decided to go back to Lego, to buy them and test myself!


Lego is the best toy you can get for any child. It promotes creativity, it’s exciting, and it gets kids excited about STEM.


oh my gosh we love our lego time with the family! its such a fun time to see how creative they are too 🙂


These are all great reasons to love Lego 🙂 I used to love playing with legos when i was younger. I agree it is perfect for any age.


Target always provide affordable things and I love Target so much! We don’t have Target here but I have been to Target in US and Australia.


aww i love lego , but aftr years of stepping onto it 😉 i am glad that my daughter stopped playing with it as she grew out of it


My son is addicted to lego, but that is one of the brands I believe teach him so much that we support him and we buy him sets


I LOVE LEGO. I think they are great from a young age to a teen age. Even me as an adult loves to build with them.


Buildings legos are so enjoyable. I love how you can follow the instructions for the set to make what is on the box or let your creativity run wild and make anything you would like. The possibilities are endless and enjoyable for any age!


I loved legos as a kid!


When my kids were little they were obsessed with legos! I think legos are great for people of all ages…it’s like a puzzle and so much fun to do.


Our family love LEGO for the same reasons. Everyone can get involved and you can never get bored with it – it has endless possibilities.


Legos have been a favorite for such a long time. I truly need to get some and take the time and explore creating things with my grandson.


I would love to play with Legos but don’t have much time. They are great for family bonding.


Lego is one of those toys that can spark one’s imagination and creativity. People, especially the kids, must be into Lego playing hobby instead of just being on their e-gadgets most of the time.


My brother and I loved lego too when we were younger!


nice! we love legos too. we have a closet that is almost full of them.


Totally agree with you on the creativity aspect; my biggest problem with legos is that I don’t have an efficient way of storing them and so I feel like I run into them all over my house!

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