4 questions that will get your kids to talk openly about school

Something happens when your kids go to school that, it becomes like pulling teeth to get them to talk about their days.  I want to share with you 4 questions that will get your kids to talk openly about school.  I have 3 boys that are currently in elementary and high school.  I have learned … Continue Reading

5 things I never leave home without since having kids

My purse has changed so dramatically over the years.  For a while, it went from containing 100% of my stuff to containing 100% of my kids stuff.  Over the years, I’ve become a little more balanced. Now, it’s more like 90% their stuff. 10% mine. I have learned what I really need when leaving the … Continue Reading

Why we spank our children & what the Bible says about it!

My husband and I were 20 and 22 when we first got married.  We had kids almost immediately. Even though we were young, we loved Jesus with all of our hearts and wanted to raise our kids to do the same. We were both spanked as children. We realized it taught us amazing life lessons … Continue Reading

How far apart should I space out my kids? {Pros and Cons}

  I am a mom to 3 boys: ages 2, 8 and (newly 11).  I have had my children very close together (a little over 2 years apart) and farther apart (6 years).  Both of these scenarios have many pros and cons that I want to share with you, as you decide how far you … Continue Reading

Top 6 books that changed my life

*This post does contain affiliate links.  If you purchase any of these books through my links, I will receive a small commission.  However, all of the views and comments in these post are fully mine.  See disclosure statement for more information. Books That Changed My Life I love to read but, barely find the time … Continue Reading

Why our kids don’t have cell phones or social media

I realize that there are many situations where it is best for your child to have a cell phone to communicate with you due to after school programs or parents working hours, as well as many other situations.  You can only decide what you believe is best for your child but, I want to share … Continue Reading

How to raise grateful kids

    My boys are 2, 8 and 10. I have in no way finished raising my kids and, know what makes kids turn out great.  I am in the trenches with you, figuring it out as I go, desperately leaning on God for wisdom and guidance on how to raise these little beings with … Continue Reading