Why gifts matter on Valentines Day!

I’ve heard a variety of debates over Valentine’s Day and why some couples decide whether they want to celebrate it or not.  My husband and I celebrate it not for any other reason other than it’s a fun day to show each other a little extra love. The truth is that every person likes to … Continue Reading

Guest post: Looking away from our phones and back at our spouse

*Once in a while, I feature guest posts if only they are truly amazing writers! Every married person should read this one!   There have been so many nights, too many to count, when I realize that three hours have passed in which I have been so glued to my phone that I haven’t said one word to my husband. … Continue Reading

How I’m letting go of perfection

I just had a birthday last week and there is one new resolution I made for myself and that is to let go of perfection.  I’ve gotten so fed up with myself and, how I’ve been living to be a “perfect” wife, a “perfect” mom, and  a “perfect” friend.  Every day I fail at being … Continue Reading

How we get away for our anniversary every year!

So, here is the thing we are neither rolling in the dough or do we have a list of babysitters we can call anytime to watch our kids.  It is a big challenge to go away to celebrate our anniversary but, it is something we have done every year now for 11 years and it … Continue Reading