5 ways to build a BETTER friendship with your husband

I talk to so many women that want their marriages to get better and are just in a season of struggling to love, or even like their spouse.  Whenever I fall into the same “space” I realize that it is usually our friendship that is lacking.  That is truly the basis for everything because, the … Continue Reading

Conversation starters for “Date Night”

When I am at restaurants with my hubby, I look around and am always amazed that the majority of couples look like they are sitting silently and eating with very little conversation. I think that with the craziness of life sometimes our marriages need a little bit of “help” with staying connected and having conversations … Continue Reading

10 Tips for Spicing Up Your Marriage

Marriage is hard work and all of us have times where we feel overwhelmed and that we need some help to connect and love each other better.  I want to share 10 tips for spicing up your marriage, that have worked well for us. We are not a perfect couple and have the same struggles … Continue Reading

Guest Post: Managing Money in Marriage Well

When talking about managing money in marriage, most couples fall into two categories. They either have no problem talking about money and welcome working together to manage their finances. Or they try to avoid talking about money at all and leave one person responsible for managing their finances. I can admit that when I first … Continue Reading

Guest post: Looking away from our phones and back at our spouse

*Once in a while, I feature guest posts if only they are truly amazing writers! Every married person should read this one!   There have been so many nights, too many to count, when I realize that three hours have passed in which I have been so glued to my phone that I haven’t said one word to my husband. … Continue Reading

Top 6 books that changed my life

*This post does contain affiliate links.  If you purchase any of these books through my links, I will receive a small commission.  However, all of the views and comments in these post are fully mine.  See disclosure statement for more information. Books That Changed My Life I love to read but, barely find the time … Continue Reading

How we get away for our anniversary every year!

So, here is the thing we are neither rolling in the dough or do we have a list of babysitters we can call anytime to watch our kids.  It is a big challenge to go away to celebrate our anniversary but, it is something we have done every year now for 11 years and it … Continue Reading