This post is sponsored by Nuun, yet all opinions are my own.

I was so excited to learn about Nuun several months ago, and ever since our family tried them we have been hooked! This is truly a product our family loves and I can see the amazing benefits it’s had on all of our bodies, and to be honest their competitors just can’t hold a candle to what they offer! 

So, first let me tell you what Nuun is? 

Nuun are drink tablets that are fizzy, very tasty, and loaded with electrolytes. They come in a variety of delicious flavors and dissolve in seconds. Nuun started as the first company to separate electrolyte replacement from carbohydrates: Music to my ears and women everywhere! 

Nuun Hydration Tablets

Best part: 

They are made with plant-based ingredients

They are gluten free, soy free and dairy free

There is only 1gram of sugar in a serving

15 calories a serving

I definitely don’t know of any other hydration product like this on the market. 

Nuun Hydration Tablets

My family and I have been using them for sports, immunity and vitamins mostly, but we love all of the many varieties that are specifically made for our daily needs! Whether on the move or resting, they have us covered.

After enjoying Nuun, we actually “feel” hydrated, and it’s helped us fight off a variety of health issues that come with the change of seasons. 

Many of you know, my boys play basketball on a regular basis. I feel so much better giving them a product like this that when I know what ingredients it contains, and that it will keep them hydrated while benefiting their health all around. 

Since the school year started, my husband and I have started making our health more of a priority by working out a few times a week. I easily pop a tablet into my water bottle, and head to the gym. I have more energy, and just feel better overall after my workout.

Nuun Hydration Tablets

If you are looking for a difference you can feel, while still giving your family something you can feel good about, Nuun is definitely that! We will be using these for years to come! 

You can easily pick these up at your local Walmart.

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I’ve heard great things about Nuun so maybe this is confirmation that I need to try it. I struggle with staying hydrated, especially now that I’m pregnant again. Thanks for the rec!


Yes, this is so great for that! We have been using it for months!


I’ve seen this but haven’t heard too much about it! Thanks so much for sharing your review. I’ll have to grab some 🙂


It’s really a great product!


This really looks like a great system for keeping the whole family healthy and happy!


Sounds like a great way to combat cold and flu season!


Wow, I’ve seen them around but I wasnt sure what they were for…. this was so informative!! I love the results!

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