The Toy My Kids Wanted Most for Christmas this Year

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Looking for ideas for Christmas gifts that are useful, creative and not gender specific?!

Well, Magformers are the toys that my kids wanted most this year.  We have bought knock offs in the past, but nothing can compare to the real thing.  Magformers come in so many varieties and will keep your kids busy for hours on end.

My kids have gotten so creative with all the many things they can build with them, and I’ll be honest they are super fun to play with myself.

They are magnetic construction toys that are easy to store and clean up which is a major plus for any mom.

toy for Christmas

I love finding toys that challenge my child’s brains rather than fries them.  I know technology has many benefits, but there is nothing like building and creating with your own hands. Our kids range from 3-12, and they all equally love them.  Even my 5 yr old niece is obsessed with them when she comes over.

toy for Christmas

toy for Christmas

We love their traditional sets, but we were really excited to check out their log homes.  My kids love these, and the variety of ways they can put these together.  It’s great that they give you a manual in each set to get you started with some building ideas.

toy for Christmas

These sets come in so many colors, shapes and sizes.  Head over and check out their website. Also, many of our local retailers offer them on sale during the holiday season.

My boys were able to check them out for a little bit, but had to put them away until Christmas morning so the countdown begins….


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What do you think?

November 27, 2017

I would’ve loved this as a child as I was Lego mad! I think its so important to encourage the use of gender-neutral toys and these are just perfect.

November 27, 2017

These sets are really cool, and the kids tend to get really creative with them!

November 27, 2017

We love the magnetic construction toys! They are some of our favorites! I bet your boys will be excited to pull them back out after Christmas!

November 27, 2017

I don’t have kids of my own, but this post sure has given me inspiration for my friend’s kiddos! Thanks. 🙂

November 27, 2017

GASP! My boys adore Magformers. I didn’t realize they came in the “log cabin” variety. #addtocart

November 28, 2017

How fun! Reminds me of the lego I used to play with as a kid. Perhaps you have a budding architect among your children? 🙂

November 28, 2017

These look like so much fun! I would have loved them when I was a kid!

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