My biggest leap of faith: Becoming a stay-at-home mom

*Reposted* I never thought I would be a stay-at-home mom.   I went to college to eventually work full-time, fulfilling my dreams in the corporate world.  Little did I know, God had other plans for me. The “college me” is much different from the “mommy me.” I had my first son right out of college, and … Continue Reading

Why we spank our children & what the Bible says about it!

My husband and I were 20 and 22 when we first got married.  We had kids almost immediately. Even though we were young, we loved Jesus with all of our hearts and wanted to raise our kids to do the same. We were both spanked as children. We realized it taught us amazing life lessons … Continue Reading

The importance of mom’s getting away

A few weeks ago, I went away with a bunch of girlfriends on a shopping trip.  It was only 2 days and yet I felt refreshed like I was gone for weeks.  I realized how important it is for us women to take time away with other women and how it replenishes us in so … Continue Reading

7 tips to thrive as a stay-at-home mom

When I first became a stay-at-home mom, I really struggled as I had an “idea” of what it was going to be like and it was VERY different.  Mainly because, I thought I would have more down time and it turned out to be so much more work than what I had expected. Stay-At-Home Mom … Continue Reading

What pain has taught me about God’s faithfulness

” Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance.  Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.” (James 1:2-4) I recently had my gall bladder removed.  I found out … Continue Reading

The balancing act of a work at home mom

I have been blogging now for about 6 months and I am so surprised how well it has done.  I truly don’t credit myself for any of this success but, believe it’s truly an answer to prayer! I have loved being a stay at home mom and feel so blessed to play that role in … Continue Reading

How far apart should I space out my kids? {Pros and Cons}

  I am a mom to 3 boys: ages 2, 8 and (newly 11).  I have had my children very close together (a little over 2 years apart) and farther apart (6 years).  Both of these scenarios have many pros and cons that I want to share with you, as you decide how far you … Continue Reading

Top 6 books that changed my life

*This post does contain affiliate links.  If you purchase any of these books through my links, I will receive a small commission.  However, all of the views and comments in these post are fully mine.  See disclosure statement for more information. Books That Changed My Life I love to read but, barely find the time … Continue Reading

GUEST POST: Dare I Say that Sometimes I’m Afraid to be His Mama

We’ve all either been in the store with our child or seen another child screaming at the top of his/her lungs. The parents either rushing to quiet the child, get out of the store, or publically reprimanding the tantrum. What do you do? I remember having SO MANY OPINIONS of other parenting styles before I had my … Continue Reading

5 things no one ever tells you about having a baby! (not for the weak stomach)

I’ve had 3 babies with very different personalities but, there are certain things that many women encounter in the whole experience that are similar.  There are some things that women just never tell you about having a baby.  I had many friends who had babies but, I don’t know if it’s part of this whole … Continue Reading