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I have wanted to partner with Xtreme Xperience for quite some time. I was drawn to them because I had a feeling my husband, being a huge car fan, would be blown away by the entire experience. After spending an afternoon with Xtreme Xperience…let’s just say he was completely blown away!

First of all, let me briefly talk about my husband’s insane love for cars. He is, without a doubt, one of the biggest car lovers I’ve ever met. He has an insane amount of knowledge about all cars, can repair our cars, and can randomly tell you all the features any car has.

Second, he is raising our 3 boys the same way. They all love cars! Everything about cars, from watching racing on television, video games, and playing with toy cars across the floors of our home…my boys have a passion for cars.  Even my 4 year old, can recognize cars as we are driving down the street. At 4-years old, he can quickly rattle off details about the cars he sees. My husband even takes our boys on trips every year, centered around their love for cars.

All of that to say, everyone was extremely excited to have a day with Xtreme Xperience. Xtreme Xperience is a great opportunity to experience driving or riding along in super cars. Their crew travels to various locations in the country with real race tracks. This way you can truly enjoy driving sports cars at high speeds on fun courses. There are a variety of performance cars to choose that will fulfill any automotive dream you have. There are also a variety of packages to fit within any budget.

Pennsylvania blogger takes her family to Xtreme Xperience

Our racing day started by going to a classroom session, where a pro race car driver taught us everything we needed to know about the track day. In a brief session, they reviewed hand signals our in-car instructors would give us, and a detailed outline of the track. No surprises with millions of dollars of exotic cars at stake. Our classroom instructor was so much fun! Even my boys enjoyed the class and were glued to their seats.

Pennsylvania blogger visits Xtreme Xperience

One cool thing the instructors and crew suggest is completing a few ride-along laps in a lead car. Here one of the Xtreme Xperience instructors drive a sports sedan and you and your friends ride along. As the intsructor explains the track during the ride-along, you get to ask questions and really get a feel for the track before driving yourself. This helps you enjoy the track as much as possible when you get to take laps in your dream car.

I really loved the ride-along laps. It was definitely a thrill to have someone driving me over 100+ miles per hour around an incredible race track. This was a first for me and definitely had my heart pumping!

Onlygirl4boyz heading out in a car for Xtreme Xperience

Pennslyvania blogger takes the pace car in Xtreme Xperience

I was a little nervous about driving myself, and this was really an Xtreme Xperience for my husband… he grabbed another friend/car enthusiast, and took on the Track Attack Package. This consisted of driving two of the most track-focused super cars…the Nissan GT-R and Porsche 911GT3 for 3 laps around the track. This was literally a dream come true for my husband.

Driving for Xtreme Xperience

Xtreme Xperience driving the Porsche

Driving the Porsche for Xtreme Xperience

He was able to do 3 ride-along laps in the Xtreme Xperience pace car, 3 laps in the Nissan and 3 more in the Porsche. Yep…a dream day indeed!

They provided him with a usb stick that easily plugged into the dashboard, and recorded his entire time in the cars. It was so much fun to be able to watch, and relive the experience when he got home.

Pennsylvania blogger enjoying xtreme xperience

Xtreme Xperience was so much fun and we would love to do it again. The crew and instructors run the day flawlessly. They all ensure it is truly a special time for everyone who participates. I encourage you to check out their site, and discover when they are coming to a city near you!


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