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Valentine’s Day has always been important to me and my husband.  After 12 years of marriage, I believe keeping the holidays special, and finding ways to constantly show each other how much you care makes all the difference in the world.  One important way we’ve kept the spice alive in our marriage is not letting days like Valentine’s Day slip through the cracks.

I’ve heard the arguments…”This is just a normal day” and “Who needs to use extra effort for a random, pointless day?”  Well…our belief is in using any and every opportunity to celebrate each other. This includes Valentine’s Day. Here are some ways we celebrate this fun day.

Get each other a gift.

We always get each other something on Valentine’s Day. We usually keep it small, but meaningful in some way.  It’s still never too cliche to get flowers and chocolate.  Sometimes, I just get my husband something I know he wanted or needed that isn’t too pricey.

Keep spice in Valentines Day

Give each other meaningful cards.

There is nothing that touches my heart more than knowing my husband spent the time to find a meaningful card to give me.  Every single year he does this, and writes some of the most beautiful words inside.

We both love the collection of Hallmark Signature Cards found at Walmart.  They have the perfect cards for any occasion. You can find everything you need for the perfect Valentine’s Day celebration all in one place.

valentines day

Keep spice in Valentines Day

Hallmark is even offering new Vinyl Cards. You can choose from three different versions, each including an actual vinyl record with a song on each side for your significant other.  How super cute is that?!

We love to put the kids to bed early, and spend some time together exchanging gifts, reading our cards, and sharing some meaningful sentiments with each other.  More than any gift, reading the card he gave me, and words from his heart have always been my favorite part of every Valentine’s day.

Keep spice in Valentines Day

We have a special dinner.

This is a great night to book a romantic restaurant with some delicious food and enjoy some quality time together.  Some years we go out, and other years we make a special candlelight dinner at home.  We have even paired up with other couples and the husbands made dinner for us wives.

There are many ways to make your special someone feel loved on Valentine’s day.  This day is really just a reminder to us. A huge reminder to pause and express what we mean to each other.

The biggest tip I have for keeping the spice alive in your relationship is taking every opportunity to share love, and affection with your special someone. These are 3 helpful ways to do that this Valentine’s Day.

Keep spice in Valentines Day

Be sure to look for a coupon in aisle at Walmart where you can save $2 on 3 Hallmark Valentine’s Day Cards, and pick one up for all of your loved one’s this year! There is also an Ibotta offer going on now through 2/14 where you can earn $1 on any Hallmark Valentine’s Day cards priced $2.97 and up at Walmart while supplies last.

Make sure to check out the Hallmark Valentine’s Day hub for more inspiration and to find a store near you!


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Great ideas!! With 3 daughters Valentine’s day has turned into more of a family event, but that’s okay. We try to do something that is just us on another day that is close by. For instance, this year we are going on out “Valentine’s date” the Friday before, so we can spend the actual day with our girls.


YES! AWW I love that!

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