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It is about that time. Time to prepare to send our kids back to school.  I am excited to partner with Five Star® School Supplies and share some simple ways you can give your child a confident start this school year.

Quality Supplies

Let’s be honest, sometimes we try to cut corners when buying school supplies. This can give our kids a rough start. This year, I am giving my son a confident start by buying him high quality products from Five Star® School Supplies that will last the entire school year.

First things first – you can save on Five Star® Products right now! SAVE $1.00 on any two (2) FIVE STAR® products, including Student Planning.

SAaving on back to schoolPennsylvania blogger shares great school supplies

Five Star® School Supplies are built to withstand daily wear and tear, and will last the entire school year.  I love giving my son confidence that he can rely on the school supplies he uses and know they are of the utmost quality.

Five Star® aims to be an ally and champion for teens looking for creative/expressive ways to fight the stress of their daily routine. School can be stressful. The older our children get, the more challenging the work. I remember last school year. My oldest had a really tough time with the amount of homework he was given every day.  He really strives to do his best in everything. He was just unsure how he could get it all done with excellence.



School Year

This year, I’m sure he will have some stressful situations as well. However, I’m glad I can reduce the stress of notebooks falling apart, torn dividers and lost papers, by providing him with high quality Five Star® School Supplies. #StrengthNotStress

Some of our favorite items from Five Star® are the Five Star Flex® Hybrid NoteBinder®, Five Star® College Ruled/Wide Ruled Notebook, and Five Star® College Ruled/Wide Ruled Reinforced Filler Paper.

His hands-down favorite is the Five Star Flex®.  It acts like a notebook, but works like a binder. It lays as flat as a standard notebook, but he can add dividers and 3-hole paper to stay organized. He takes a lot of notes in middle school. I know this will keep up with all of his demands and last the entire school year.


Onlygirl4boyz is getting ready for a new school year

The Five Star® College Ruled/Wide Ruled Notebook contains 100 college or wide ruled sheets of paper that resist ink bleed.  This will help him take clearer notes without making distracting smudges on any other previous work.  It even has a 2-pocket page divider to lessen page tearing. The pocket is also a great place to store loose sheets of paper. Having a durable, high quality notebook is essential at this age. I’m excited he can confidently start the school year knowing he doesn’t have to worry about it falling apart.

We also love the Five Star® College Ruled/Wide Ruled Reinforced Filler Paper. It comes in a pack of 100 sheets. Here’s the coolest part…the sheets have triangle holes with reinforcement tape to prevent sheets from being ripped out. This is major! Again, this paper works to resist ink bleed for much neater work.

School Year

These supplies will help my son begin the school year strong and confident. He’ll have the best  available school products built to last the entire school year.

Healthy & Nutritious Breakfast

Our children’s choices for breakfast make a huge difference in their approach to each day. This year, I am making sure my boys have a healthy breakfast to fuel their bodies and minds throughout the day.  I recently taught my oldest son how to make eggs. This is an easy way for him to help out in the morning and get a great start. He can add a piece of toast and freshly sliced fruit, and he’s good to go.

Let them choose.

We all have to take our kids back-to-school shopping for clothes in addition to supplies. Many times, I just run through the stores, and my kids can select from the items I’ve already purchased. However, there is something unique about letting your child have a say in their own style, and express themselves through the clothes they choose. Lately, I have let my oldest son select a few stylish items he would feel confident wearing throughout the school year. It makes all the difference.

These are a few simple ways to ensure your child starts the school year strong with confidence, reduce their worries, and empower them to focus on their studies. I hope you and all of your children have a great school year!




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We need to get started on our school supplies. It is such a big process, it is nice to get planning. The kids always get excited for planning for school.


Yes! that’s so true!!


With my kids at the age of 15 and 16, they want to select all their own clothes. I have to reel my daughter in! LOL I am waiting to get school supplies this year until after the first day. They always come home with a list of specific things they need for each class. High school is the new college.


Love this, great tips! Can’t believe it’s already time to start thinking about back to school.


I know!!


I used to LOVE back to school shopping – picking out new school supplies set the standard for the whole year!


Yes me too! LOL


Letting your child have a voice is so important. My son picked out a couple of nice dressier outfits that I would have not expected him to like. And yes, sometimes better quality supplies last longer than the cheaper versions and are more worth it. ?


YES!! That’s so great!

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