I have had a job since I was 15.  It was just for extra spending money, not because I needed a job but, the lessons I learned were invaluable.  I have worked in restaurants, in banks, and have had numerous “side hustles” while being a stay at home mom to my kids.  I have definitely found my niche with blogging and I am loving it.

There are many ways to find your calling and what kind of job is the best fit for your personality.  One of my new favorite ways is with the Good&Co. app.  This is a self-discovery app that uncovers your personality type through a set of quizzes.  It helps you discover your strengths and workplace personality to figure out what career may be the best fit for you.  This leads to landing a job you will love and developing your professional and personal goals.  If you are already in the job you love, this app helps you become a better leader and succeed in your career.

finding your strengths

You will take a series of short, fun quizzes on the Good&CO. app that will show you what your strengths are on a Strength card.

Good & Co

I loved taking these quizzes.  My Strength card showed that I am a “Go Getter”, “Strategist” and a “Humanitarian.”  This is totally accurate for me.  Many of us tend to look more at what we wish we could improve and this really gives a positive spin to know what your true strengths are.

It totally makes sense why I am a blogger and why I work so hard at it.  I love a challenge but, I am a planner as well.  Lastly, I have a heart for those who struggle and will not stab someone in the back to get ahead even if that means I don’t get the position.  Don’t get me wrong, there are many personality traits I need to work on but, it’s encouraging to see which ones fit my personality and how I can use those in my career to succeed.

Finding your strengths

I encourage you to go download the Good&Co. app and take a few minutes to take these quizzes that could be life changing for your career path.

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This sounds like such a cool app. I know so many people looking to find their “fit” and this would definitely help them move in the right direction.


YES! Its pretty cool!




This sounds pretty dope. I’d love to see what it says. I may have to check this out!


Yea, it’s really fun!

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