This past week, my family and I attended the Disney Creators Celebration. Since then, I have received many questions…I am sharing the top questions I was asked below.

What is the Disney Creators Celebration?

The Disney Creator’s Celebration is an invite-only conference where select influencers (roughly 100), and their families are invited to enjoy a magical 6 day conference. The conference consists of 3 days on land at Disney World Resorts and Parks; and 3 days aboard a Disney Cruise.

Did you pay for this trip?

I paid a very small fee to attend the conference. It was not even close to half of what it would normally cost for the amount of activities we completed. We are given park tickets, fast passes for rides and attractions, 5-day park-hopper passes to all parks, dining cards to feeding our family, tons of VIP experiences, gifts in our room every night, and the list goes on.

Other trips I’ve done in the past, such as Disney’s Preschool Trip, NYC Adventures by Disney or our last cruise were all fully sponsored and we did not pay a dime for anything from flights, to food, etc.

How do you get to work with Disney?

You can’t technically apply to work with Disney for attending this conference. You can, however, create family focused content, post about Disney or even send a pitch to their general PR email. This is a way to attempt to make a connection, showcasing your content as an influencer.

Do you have to have a large following to get invited?

To get invited to the Disney Creators Celebration, you do not have to have a large following. Disney works with small influencers and large influencers alike! Simply work on creating good, quality content. I had around 10K followers when I started working with the company, but that is just my personal story.

Is it hard to find food options for kids with allergies?

One of my son’s is allergic to nuts, and I have a child that can’t do anything with milk. Disney is sooooo accommodating and has a strong reputation for being allergy-friendly. This is true equally at the parks and on the cruise. They even have different menus to fit your dietary preference!

Also, if you just prefer to eat vegetarian, clean, or gluten-free there are tons of options for you as well!

Did you like Disney Parks or the Disney Cruise better?

This is a tough one to answer if I’m being completely honest. They both are VERY different experiences and have a different set of benefits and magical experiences. With smaller children, the cruise is more laid back and relaxing. You get a ton of the Disney Magic, in a more relaxed environment. You won’t find yourself navigating crowds or long lines. Even for character meets, everything is relaxed and accessible. The kids clubs on the ship are amazing, and are like mini theme parks centered around them. Your children won’t want to leave, regardless of the age. We find they are a great way for us to get a lot more alone time as a couple.

The Disney parks have the ultimate dose of Magic. The attractions are great for children of various ages. There is so much fun, wonder, and attention placed on detail. Many of the rides are out of this world, and nothing can top the Magic Kingdom fireworks show. It truly can’t be beat!

Favorite Foods at the Disney Parks & on the Disney Cruise?

This is another hard one to answer. I writing another article that will go way more in-depth about this and more of the dining options offered. However, I would say in the parks I love eating in the Africa section of Animal Kingdom. There are so many great choices. Also, Epcot is known for featuring international cuisine and anything in from Mexico is my absolute favorite.

On the cruise, all of the food is sooo tasty! You have an assigned restaurant rotation which allows you get to try a variety of different choices. Some of the best food I’ve ever had in my life was at Palo. It is a stunning Italian restaurant, and the food is just insanely delicious (will share more soon.) You do have to pay extra for this restaurant and reserve a table in advance. Overall, it is a great value for the quality & portions of the food included in this dining experience.

Food on the Disney Cruise

Do you have a favorite Disney resort?

We have stayed at Coronado Springs, Art of Animation and Riviera. They have all been amazing in different ways, but I was really blown away by the amount of luxury the Riviera offered. It was stunning, classy, and beautiful down to the smallest details. It is the newest resort and has a distictly European theme.

Disney Riviera

I would say that Art of Animation is perfect for younger children. It’s so bright and festive and has so much Disney Magic. The rooms are centered around different movies and characters. The little ones will be super excited!

Was your family able to attend all events?

To answer this one…90% yes. There were some sessions and events that were just for us, creators. This helped us network among our creator group and learning more about Disney as a company, the company’s upcoming entertainment pipeline, and even tips to grow our businesses. It would have been more challenging to focus attention and connect with other influencers with children in tow. For this reason, we were asked to bring another adult to watch the children for these sessions.

Disney Creators Celebration

Did anyone get sea sick?

Thnakfully….Nope! My family does take Dramamine every day of the cruise to get ahead of it. There is a children’s version too. One night was really rocky this time around. I hadn’t experienced that before and I took one. Usually, I don’t need any medication for sea sickness. Traveling on the cruise is so light and smooth and doesn’t really bother me.

Was your excursion included in the Bahamas?

No, this is something we decided to pay for. We had been to Naussau a few other times, and really wanted to do something outside our normal experience. We took a guided Jeep Tour of Nassau. It was amazing. We learned and experienced much of the island’s rich history, visited a local beach, explored caves, and ate some authentic Bahamian food that was out of this world! This was definitely worth the investment for a wonderful experience for our family.

Beach in Bahamas on Disney Cruise

Did a 3-day cruise feel rushed?

No, it did not really feel rushed at all. It was a great amount of time aboard to still feel like we had a full vacation experience. We weren’t able to do everything, or see everything. The ship simply has so much to offer. We did a lot! We were still able to stop at 2 ports, and experience a few of the incredible shows. A longer cruise would be nice for sure, but 3-days is a good stretch to have an incredible time.

What was your favorite part of the whole thing?

I loved connecting with other influencers that understand my life. We were able to make lots of new friends, and share tips to help each other grow.

In the Disney Parks, my favorite was our dessert party in Star Wars Land, and getting to ride the rides at night when the rest of the park was closed down. It was a really amazing experience overall.

Star Wars Land

On the cruise, I love the day we stop at Castaway Cay. It is insanely beautiful and perfect. You literally feel like you stepped in paradise, and it’s always such a nice, laid back day. They also have a BBQ on the island that is really good!

Disney Castaway Cay
Disney Castaway Cay BBQ

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