Spread thin in quarantine? Here are my top 5 Self Care Tips!

Most moms feel the same right about now. We have all been in quarantine for over a month, and we are starting to feel depleted. We are cooking more than ever, cleaning non-stop, home schooling, and parenting 24/7. By the end of each day, the consensus is…we’re exhausted. I lived this way about in quarantine … Continue Reading

The Virus has taught me 5 Powerful Lessons

I think all of us have been affected by the spread of the coronavirus in the last few weeks…Some more than others. Our family has decided to take the advice of those with more knowledge than us on the Coronavirus and such things infectious disease related. So we’re staying in as much as possible. As … Continue Reading

Honesty makes all the difference in the teen years

My oldest son just entered the teen years, and started high school this year. This was really tough for me as a mom. After his first orientation, I was in tears. I was in tears mainly because I had on of those epiphany moments. I realized something. Somehow time had gone by so quickly, I … Continue Reading

The Service That Has Made Life Easier

This post is sponsored by BJ’s Wholesale Club. All opinions are completely my own. This year I finally started getting my groceries delivered. This has been a MAJOR game changer for me. I realize how much time I spend shopping  throughout the week, and it gives me so much time back! This time of year, … Continue Reading

3 Reasons Our Family loves LEGO

This blog post is sponsored by LEGO. All opinions are my own. It’s that time of year when we look for fun and unique Christmas gifts ideas for the children in our lives. I can honestly say there is NOTHING mine have loved more than LEGO sets. Since they were little, it’s been exciting to … Continue Reading

4 Tips for Reducing Stress When Hosting During the Holidays

This post is sponsored by BJ’s, yet all opinions are my own. We are hosting Thanksgiving this year at our home, and I’m very excited about it. I absolutely love providing a fun environment for family and friends to visit, relax and feel pampered. These efforts can also create tons of stress. I have learned … Continue Reading

What is Nuun and How is it Helping My Family’s Health

This post is sponsored by Nuun, yet all opinions are my own. I was so excited to learn about Nuun several months ago, and ever since our family tried them we have been hooked! This is truly a product our family loves and I can see the amazing benefits it’s had on all of our … Continue Reading

The Top 5 Things To Do in Vail, Colorado in the Summer

Thank You Vail Tourism Board for sponsoring our time in Vail.  All opinions are completely my own. This summer we were able to take our family to visit Vail, Colorado, thanks to the Vail Tourism board. This goes down as one of the best vacations we have ever had. It was insanely beautiful, and there … Continue Reading

3 Tips For Keeping My Home Smelling Fresh Living With All Boys

This post is sponsored by Air Wick®. All opinions are my own.  There are so many benefits to being the only girl in the house, however what’s not a benefit is the odors and mess that accompany living in a house full of boys. I love making our home a fun and relaxing place to … Continue Reading

Summer Update & the snack that keeps me going

This post is sponsored by BELVITA Breakfast Biscuits. All opinions are my own.    This summer has been full of fun and making memories that will last a lifetime. We have gone on some great trips, had some simple and relaxed days, and everything in between.  Our summer started off with fun programs and camps for … Continue Reading