What to do when your feeling discouraged

All of us have days that seem they are just too much to handle and can feel so overwhelming.  Whether you feel like your dropping the ball in every category of life or you got in a disagreement with someone you love, it seems pretty easy for a good day to turn into a bad … Continue Reading

How we get away for our anniversary every year!

So, here is the thing we are neither rolling in the dough or do we have a list of babysitters we can call anytime to watch our kids.  It is a big challenge to go away to celebrate our anniversary but, it is something we have done every year now for 11 years and it … Continue Reading

The Bravery of Truth Telling in Friendship

  I fully believe that friendship is one the greatest gifts God has blessed us with here on earth! So many of us keep people at arm’s length due to fear.  Fear of being hurt, fear of being judged, or that someone won’t like the “Real” us.  The truth is that everyone is looking for … Continue Reading