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The past 3 or 4 months haven’t been the easiest being home so much more, but with the weather warming up I will admit things have gotten easier. We have been more creative, and I’ve thought of new ideas to keep the boys busy while still having fun. So, here are a few that might help you guys out as well.

1.Buy all the balls.

Yep, we have purchased every ball you can think of lately. They are affordable, and occupy my kids for hours. Dodge balls, bouncy balls, soccer balls, baseballs, all of them are a great way for the kids to stay busy outside. 

They get worn out quickly, and I feel good about them getting some fresh air and being active. 

This also means they get thirsty every few minutes. Most times we stick to water, but when they want a little something extra, we love Ocean Spray® Growing Goodness™ Juice Beverages – because they are easy for the kids to take outside, and taste delicious, but there are lots of reasons parents love them too.

Ocean Spray
Ocean Spray

They have no added sugar, they have immune health benefits and I can hardly believe this, but – they have more vitamin C than a glass of orange juice! My kids love them just as much as I do. 

Make sure you pick some up, you will be glad you did!

2.Learn new card games.

I’ve never really taught my boys to play card games, but there are so many different games and some for every age range. The kids have loved learning and spend time battling each other at various games. On the weekend, we all play together as a family and it is a great way to laugh while challenging everyone’s minds.

3.Try a new kid-friendly recipe.

My kids and I have spent lots of time in the kitchen lately. We look up a new recipe to bake or cook and all pitch in. It helps us do something useful and a team activity together while hoping it turns out good! Plus, living with all boys I constantly need new food ideas so it’s a win for us all.

I hope these simple ideas will inspire you to make some new memories during this time inside. We are making the best of it, and I hope you will too!

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