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I have flown multiple times with all 3 of my boys.  We have recently flown with my youngest to California and Florida. Even though they weren’t short flights, they went smoothly.  So…I’m sharing 5 simple tips that will make flying with a toddler less stressful.

flying with toddler

1. Bring lot of snacks

Bring all their favorite snacks.  I bring a variety of snacks, as well as a candy stash.  This is just in case your child starts to look like they are about to have a meltdown.  Lollipops cure all!  I hide them until they are absolutely necessary, and then bring them out. My favorite for toddlers are the Dum-Dum Pops because they are small and easy to take along.

2.  Plan for Takeoff & Landing

These are the times when my toddler usually starts to cry or fuss.  This is typically connected with his ears starting to pop.  I don’t give my boys gum at this age. I stock up on chewy candies to get them through the transition.  Candy like Starbursts, Gummy Bears, or Twizzlers are helpful in small amounts.  If you rather not do candy, fruit snacks still keep them chewing.

3. Hit up the Dollar Store

I never want to spend a lot of money on traveling. I make a point to “hit-up” the dollar store for some new entertainment for the plane ride.  I grab some cheap toys, and coloring items I can whip out during the flight.  Now he feels like he is getting something new he’s never seen that will keep him entertained for a while.  I also like to buy things such as play dough which are great on a flight, and provide tons of entertainment.

flying with toddler


4. Get something “out of the box”

This is my new favorite travel item.  I picked up these awesome boogie board tablets from Costco, but you can grab them on Amazon too. These are amazing.


They keep all of my kids entertained for a long time, and helps push back the time for electronics. They are super thin, writing tablets.  They can draw easily on the board, and clear it with just the touch of a button…Genius!  We have had these for a while, and they still work great.

flying with toddler


5.  Let it Go!

I typically give all of my boys “screen time” limitations.  However, when it comes to traveling in an airplane, I like them to stay as calm and relaxed as possible. That usually means at some point bringing out the electronics and letting him play a few games or watch a movie.

A friend of mine recently told me about these soft headphones to keep his ears from getting irritated by the pressure that comes from traditional earphones.  These little things are game changers.  They’re great for every day use, but really come in handy with traveling.

I’ve learned to let go of any rules or limitations on electronics.  One plan ride won’t hurt them, and everyone else on the flight will thank you.


The KEY to a smooth flight with a toddler is being prepared, and keeping them entertained during that time.  I hope that these tips and products will take the stress out of your next flight with your little ones.

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Our 15 hour car ride for spring break turned into a 22 hour car ride because of traffic! Thanks for the tips — we are gonna start flying now!


Aww man! LOL No problem!


The dollar store has so many great activities for traveling!


Yes! Such a great place to save!


I feel like every time I read these posts I find another great tip!! Thanks so much!


AWW I’m so glad!

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