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As you all know, I am VERY singled out in my home.  I am the only girl among all of these boys.  We haven’t even gotten to the older years yet, and there are so many things that I have experienced that I never thought I would actually have to “teach” as a parent.

1.  To take a shower more than once a week.

No joke – my kids would take 1 shower every week, if I don’t constantly remind them.  They do not care about being dirty.  They barely realize that they smell and always think new clothes can cover up anything.

I actually have to reward and praise taking showers on their own to encourage them to keep it up! Haha.

2.  To care how you smell.

My boys run everywhere.  They are very active.  This creates pretty bad smells, especially under their armpits.  Literally I can smell them from across the room, but they can’t even smell themselves.  They just don’t care.  My oldest son is going through a lot of changes as he gets older and is crossing over into the teenage years.  With this comes a greater need to take care of his body and be aware of his natural smells.

Most guys don’t know how to use AXE body & dry sprays. In fact, 64% young of guys think body spray & dry spray are the same thing. With, 1 in 2 guys thinking that they should apply body spray under their arms*.

lessons for mom of boys

Why does this not surprise me?! Haha.

*Ipsos Body Spray Drivers and Barriers, 2017 or Ipsos, 2017

I was excited this year to introduce AXE dry spray to him so he can stay dry up to 48 hours. I showed him how easily it is to apply under his arms for sweat protection (in place of using a stick).

mom of boys


mom of boys

mom of boys

He can also follow up with some AXE deodorant body spray that keeps him smelling fresh all day long. All he has to do is apply it in a “7” motion across his chest only for as long as it takes to say “AXE.”

mom of boys


mom of boys

The products we are starting out with are: AXE YOU Body Spray, AXE Signature Gold Dry Spray and AXE Signature Night Dry Spray.  So far they are a hit in our household.

To learn more about AXE and how to properly use their products, visit

mom of boys

Also, click here to watch a video on how to properly spray body spray and dry spray.

3.  To eat with your mouth closed.

This seems like an easy request, but in our household it is repeated daily.  My children do not understand that I do not want to see their food while they are chewing and it is completely possible to eat with your mouth closed.  After years of practice, I think they are catching on.

4.  There is a time limit on eating dropped food.

Not all food can be wiped off and put back into their mouths.  Some surfaces are a definite “no.”

They never seem to be disgusted when something falls on the ground.  If it’s food, they never want it to go to waste.  There are some really good things about not being wasteful, but most of the time it leaves me holding my breath.

5.  Matching our clothes matters.

My kids have never cared if they have clothes on that match.  We are now getting into the age of having a preference about what shoes they have on, but clothes… nope.  I cannot count how many times I wonder how they put their outfit together and ask them to go change.

There are so many fun things about having boys and these are a few of the things that crack me up daily. However, I embrace their differences and am excited to raise them to be confident and caring men


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of AXE.




moms of boys


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This was a very entertaining read for me. I haven’t had to deal with this yet since I have little babies still, but I remember my mom trying to teach these to my brother growing up. Too funny. Thank you!


LOL! I’m so glad!


As a mom to 3 boys, I can relate. My oldest will wear deodorant and has for a couple years, but my second son hates the way it feels…I think I’ll try the axe dry spray and see if he likes that more. And yes, they’ll eat just about anything, no matter where they find it. LOL


Looking forward to the teenage years lol. It’s so interesting how different boys and girls are at such an early age. By the way, those pictures are everything! Lol


This was such a cute post! I loved the demonstration pictures ? I have an 8 month old boy and I’m preparing myself to experience all of the differences you’ve explained and more


I completely understand the struggle. I am a Mom with two boys well I have to say young men now I can say this It was a battle keeping the smells down to an acceptable 2/10 until they discovered girls. Axe is their new best friend we use the body wash and deodorant spray. Works great on feet too. Lol

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